Is your child a climber, a little monkey, or a ball of energy?



Allow them to put their creative energy to good use at an Aerial Kids class at Lioness Aerial Fitness.

Aerial features the use of silks or hoops suspended from the ceiling to give your child the feeling of safe, weightless flight. Participation in an Aerial class has many benefits for children of all ages, from the development of social skills to neurological and developmental benefits.

The Lioness Aerial for Kids class focuses on providing these benefits to your children in a fun, friendly environment.


Inversions help flush fresh blood and healthy hormones through your child’s brain, which improves self-regulation and aids in proper development. These elements, paired with a focus on slower, smooth meditative breathing, can even help children with anxiety or attention disorders to find a new-found sense of calmness and confidence.


These amazing  classes allow kids to explore the world of circus performers in a safe and fun environment under the watchful eyes of 2 fully qualified and insured Instructors. 


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Our Commitment

We offer a variety of classes geared towards beginners to the more advanced. No experience is necessary and there are no age limits of fitness level required to start our classes.

Come along and give it a go, see how fitness can become fun again!

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