Nicci Mahon

"Before I joined pole fitness I suffered from depression and was prescribed lots of different medications. I tried lots of different classes but could never stick with any of them so when a friend mentioned joining pole fitness I had no interest because I thought it will be like all the other classes I had joined. Be really enthusiastic and after a few weeks drop out. Well was I wrong or was I wrong.. After lots of persuading I said I'd give it a go and after the first class I was hooked, I couldn't wait to go back the following week to learn more new moves. Our instructor Lisa was so nice and welcoming, it was like we knew each other longer and we had so much fun!! After the first 4-6 weeks I began to see a difference in myself, I was doing something for me and something i enjoyed while getting stronger and fitter. Lioness Aerial Fitness has been the best place in the world for me, it gives me time to enjoy myself while totally switching of to what's going on in my life. The confidence I have gained since joining is unbelievable and that's from all the words of encouragement from class mates and instructors and getting stronger as I go on. I enjoy it that much I had to take up another class and I wouldn't be without it!l. I'm at it 2 years now and still as eager as I was when I first started to learn new moves. My depression hasn't returned since and I've made lots of good friends."

Susan Nolan

"I started my pole journey over 4 years ago. I was an unfit 28 year old who hated exercise and had zero strength, flexibility or rhythm! From day 1 I was hooked!!! Not only has it made me feel stronger and healthier, it has given me total confidence in myself and my body. I've even grown to be the girl who loves on occasion getting the heels out and performing a sexy routine with all the confidence in the world!! This place has become not only a studio I go to for fitness but also a home away from home where I class some of the girls as my best friend. I'm so proud of what Lisa has accomplished and the AMAZING team she has put together. So excited to see my newly started hoop journey become what my pole journey has been."

Danielle Maher

"When I first started pole dancing . I was so nervous starting and thought i would never stick it out but now i'm so glad that i did Pole fitness has helped me become someone I never thought I could be It has helped me to make friends, become more confident in myself and it also has helped me through my struggles with anxiety and depression. Most importantly i feel like i'm part of a great big family and have gained so many good friends To any one who is looking for something a little bit different and to have loads of fun pole fitness is for you. "

Catarine Cipriano Dias

"I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For years I was a teacher and choreographer of hip hop. When I moved to Ireland, I felt really missing dance hip hop, I did miss dance in my life. I felt alone. That's when a friend took me to a class from pole dance. I thought it would be terrible, as I was terrified of being upside down. But I was wrong, since the first class I loved doing pole dance. When I have found Lioness Aerial Fitness I found what was missing in my life, I found friends and my life in Ireland has improved a lot! Lisa is a great teacher and friend. In this studio I feel like home."

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